Welcome to Isami Ryu Karate Jutsu, a well established Martial Arts club in St. Helens, Merseyside. We are a modern club with a strong base in traditional karate covering all aspects of self defence. All of our instructor team are highly experienced, fully insured and have reached a very high level of distinction in Martial Arts.

Headlines and Events

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Give us a Try

If you find something here that takes your interest then please get in touch, all the details you need are at the at the bottom of this page. Your first lesson with us is completely free and there will be no pressure on you to join the club after this session. Even on your first sessions with us you will learn something which may help you to defend yourself or someone close to you, so why not give us a try!!!


Check out the classes page to find out training times and locations.Cool stuff is were you'll find photo's, stories and thoughts from sensei dave, up and coming event, awards and idea's and input from the isami ryu students. There's also links to video's on our you tube user group.Check out our brand new section written by a new student who is going to let everyone know his thoughts and experiences starting out in martial arts. Jon's Karate blog. In the 'about us' section you'll find out all about the club, the syllabus and the techniques used along with a few other things you may find to be of interest.
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