How to Tie Your Belt

When you have worked hard to achieve your belt, it is important to know how to tie it properly, so that you can wear it with pride.

This is a basic guide on how to tie your belt:

TieBelt1 Find the middle of the belt and place this at the centre of your waist at the front
Take the end in your right hand and wrap it around your back bringing it to the front TieBelt2
TieBelt3 Now take the end in your left hand, wrap it around your back on top of the other piece, bringing it to the front
Take that piece (now coming from the right) and tuck it under the other two pieces and pull to the left. You should now be able to tighten the belt to your size. TieBelt4
TieBelt5 Take an end in each hand and fold the piece in your right hand over towards your left hip
Fold the piece in your left hand over the other end and point it towards the floor TieBelt6
TieBelt7 Now take the piece pointing towards your left hip in your left hand
Grab the end pointing towards the floor with your right hand through the hole created at the front TieBelt8
TieBelt9 Pull the end back through the hole with your right hand and tighten to form a knot
If the ends of your belt are more than 1 inch different in length, you will need to retie your belt,starting a little bit to the left or right from the middle of the belt in step 1. TieBelt10
TieBelt11 A close up view of the knot.
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