A Beginners Journey at Isami Ryu Jutsu by Jonathan Parr

This short tale is intended to give those who have never practiced karate an insight as to what it is like to begin their training at the Isami Ryu Jutsu, with Sensei Dave.

I am only a beginner at Isami Ryu and have been training to use karate for just shy of a month. I received quite a serious injury almost two years to the day of writing this whilst playing football for a local weekend team. This has led to a full reconstruction my right knee.

I was always a physically fit person prior to the injury and always kept myself in relatively good shape. Not having that over the past couple of years has been nothing short of heartbreaking. I decided one day not too long ago that enough was enough, I needed a way out, and I needed something to lift my spirits once more, to try new things to regain my fitness.

Within a couple of days of switching my attentions into seeking other alternatives, a leaflet came through my door from the Isami Ryu Karate Jutsu. I have always wanted to learn some self-defence and always had a keen interest, although from a far, in the martial arts.

So I gave Sensei Dave a call! He was very understanding when I explained my condition and invited me down to an opening session. I was excited, ‘I’m going to begin to learn karate’ I thought.

When I turned up to the session I was introduced to the others, both experienced and beginners together, by Sensei Chrissy. Everybody was extremely kind and polite, which made me feel instantly welcome and part of something. My opening session was brilliant, I learned so much and from all the experienced martial artists, Sensei Dave, Sensei Chrissy, Sempai Wayne and Sempai Helen. These experienced martial artists have so much knowledge and are excellent in delivering the teaching with both patients and professionalism. I was only too keen to return the next week to learn more and more.

I am a few sessions into my learning now and I have developed both increased physical fitness and knowledge to the basic skills of karate. I feel more confident and relaxed within myself, and I’m feeling much improvement to my injury from a while back. In fact I enjoy learning about karate so much within the sessions that it doesn’t even enter my mind.

I also cannot fail to mention the friendships that I have made with my fellow Isami Ryu members along the way. I revel in the time that I spend with them to learn about karate and have hope that this good thing will last for a very, very long time.

My special thanks goes to Sensei Dave who I both honour and greatly respect. He has taught me so much in these opening weeks and I very much appreciate his work, time and effort that is evident in every session and the Isami Ryu Jutsu.

Jonathan Parr
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