Sensei Chrissy Sensei Christina Clare

Sensei Chrissy has been a martial artist for over 8 years and has been teaching with Sensei Dave for nearly 3 years. Sensei Chrissy is the newest Sensei at Isami Ryu and will be taking care of our little dragons!
Chrissy is a double black belt holder having gained 1st Dan's both in Isami Ryu Karate Jutsu and in Freestyle Karate at the BNMAA national gradings. She was singled out for particular praise during the BNMAA grading for her performances in kata presentation.
ON 15th November 2008, Chrissy gained her 2nd Dan with Black Belt International with the highest ever grading score of 98%, a fantastic achievement. She doubled up this award just 2 weeks later with an Isami Ryu Karate grading also to 2nd dan.
Chrissy has been recognised for her achievements in martial arts by the BNMAA panel who have awarded her a National Student Award and by Black Belt International with an International Award for her work as an assistant instructor.
Chrissy has also been named as a Student of the Year. She is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt.
Her hobbies include hiking, music and bird watching. As well as her martial arts achievements, Chrissy is a full time mum who really enjoys spending time with her two sons Joshua and Caleb!
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