Sensei Helen Sensei Helen Best

Sensei Helen is a hugely experience karate exponent with multiple trophies and championships to her name. She is extremely dedicated to her art and has over 15 years training to her name.
She is the secretary of Traditional Karate Great Britain.
She is a very high level karate-ka and holds the following grades in various karate disciplines: Her hobbies are karate (of course), swimming (which she's just getting back into), reading Martina Cole books, autobiographies & she's a magazine addict! Helen also enjoys listening to music.
Her all time hero is Jackie Chan, Helen says," I've been a fan since I was 12. Watching his films made me go and study Martial Arts and he's been an inspiration. I would love to meet him one day. My favorite Jackie Chan film has to be the Drunken Master. My other inspiration is now my current instructor Sensei Dave, I have learnt so much since joining and feel my karate has come on tenfold."
She has also worked with many other instructors within the martial arts fraternity and has a strong working knowledge of Aiki and Atemi techniques. She really enjoys traditional weapons work and is currently studying and enjoying learning all she can about Japanese swordsmanship, with particular emphasis on the bokken at the moment.
Her particular favorite part of Karate is the kata which she loves to perform and excels in.
Helen is also a long-standing member of the British National Martial Arts Association.
Congratulations to Helen who was named the Isami Ryu Student of the Year 2008.
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